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My friend Leslie Sinclair, the author of the blog Segreto and owner of the Houston based company Segreto Finishes, recently published her new book ‘Segreto Style’.

We all have noticed that great pictures of Leslie’s work appeared in bloggerland since her first book Segreto was published.

As owner of a decorative painting company, Leslie Sinclair is constantly exploring new techniques and finishes that appeal to a vast multitude of styles and personal tastes.

Her new book ‘Segreto Style’ takes us touring thirty-nine exquisite house projects, of which Leslie’s company Segreto Finishes took care of the mural as of the cabinet plaster and paint finishes.

Leslie’s books, the first as well as the new book, are a testimony to her talent of being a true artist and entrepreneur!


Segretostylecover - CopyCover of the book ‘Segreto Style’ by Leslie Sinclair


Here is a sneak peek at this gorgeous new book.

north10wLilac velvet seat in front of a paneling finished by Segreto.   Photography by Wade Blissard


100saddlebrook2A formal living room. Finishes by Segreto.   Photography by Wade Blissard  


buckingham2- Deep hues of plaster enhance the dramatic feel of this dining room.   Photography by Wade Blissard  


broad5Hand-painted wine label by Segreto.   Photography by Wade Blissard     


DBM_2350-Edit-3186190700-O-Love this painted monogram by Segreto!    Photography by Blake Mistich


DBM_2616-Edit-3186283762-O-RecoveredCreamy plaster in the hallway of a Normandy style home.   Photography by Blake Mistich


Terry Vine PhotographySegreto was commissioned with mural painting and restoring plastered ceilings at the renovation of this 1930’s designed French style château.   Photography by Terry Vine


I am absolutely sure that Leslie’s decorative paint and plaster finishes to see in this book will appeal to many of you.  Segreto Style is the perfect Christmas gift!

All images with permission of Leslie Sinclair.


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Enjoy !


Wishing everyone of you, my dear readers, a nice weekend!



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