In love with the fashion models of Belgian Isabelle


Today I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite contemporary Belgian artists, the painter Isabelle Bossuyt.

I have to admit that I really am intrigued by Isabelle’s work. Every time I see a new painting appearing on her Facebook or Pinterest page, I am amazed by the emotion and the power, emanating from her paintings.

Isabelle Bossuyt (°1977) graduated as ‘Master in Expressive Arts, option Textile Design ' at Sint-Lucas Academy Ghent, Belgium.

Driven by her never gone away passion for painting together with her huge interest in textiles, textures, colors and in fashion, Isabelle opted, since several years, to focus on full-time painting.

Isabelle's passion for fashion, enclosed in an artistic jacket, results in an intriguing series of paintings.

1Isabelle at work in her studio.

The artist is not only bringing together colors, fabrics and textures, but is also searching to reproduce facial expressions of her characters.

Isabelle likes to paint fashion models and also the movements on the catwalk are fascinating her. Not what is shown interests her, but the stately elegance of the models, the comings and goings of fashion trends, the power of those few minutes on the catwalk, the moments that pass away very quickly, the short duration power.

The catwalk as a sublime encounter between power and beauty. Superhuman, hastily and unreal. As a theatre is.

Her characters are lifelike and if you look closely you can see them move.

7Show time   oil on canvas   150 cm x 150 cm


9Kom naar me toe   oil on canvas   150 cm x 150 cm


8Mirror me   oil on canvas   120 cm x 120 cm


10De dames   oil on canvas   100 cm x 100 cm


' Clothing is giving a certain character to a person and I like to emphasize the character traits of the figures in the painting by making them look subdued or vice verca, giving them a self-confident and triumphantly look by showing them wearing high heels.’, clarifies Isabelle on her website.


‘Black & White’ is her most recent series of paintings.

The cool atmosphere in these black & white series is evoking the 'film noir' with its predominant moods of melancholy and alienation, where the 'femme fatale ' plays the leading role.


‘Black dress’ is one of my favorite paintings !  It reminds me of Coco Chanel.

3Black dress   oil on canvas   80 cm x 80 cm


4Wool   oil on canvas   120 cm x 120 cm


6Qui est cette fille   oil on canvas   100 cm x 150 cm


5Friday night   oil on canvas   100 cm x 100 cm


Dear readers, art lovers and fashionistas, if you love the paintings shown here or if you would love to have a personalized work of Isabelle Bossuyt , please contact Isabelle


TIP : one of Isabelle’s paintings as the perfect Christmas gift !

To see more of Isabelle’s paintings, please visit her Website or Pinterest page here and here.


Isabelle Bossuyt

Rijksweg 224

8710 Wielsbeke (Belgium)

+32 (0) 56 66 45 07




All pictures of paintings with permission of Isabelle Bossuyt

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