Inspiring and original decoration ideas


Are you in the mood to decorate your home for Spring? And do you need some simple decoration ideas? Today I would love to share with you a few gorgeous and original decorations I‘ve spotted recently.

Get inspired!


Colorful flower bouquets and candles.

5Source Pinterest


Flowers and pottery.

6Source Lefèvre Interiors – Photo credit Claude Smekens


10Source Mäster Henriks


7Source La Peinturette


8Source The Vintaquarian


11Source The World of Interiors blog


Group your pottery !

9Source The Vintaquarian


Fruit and pottery.

23Source Trove


12Source The Vintaquarian


Group your candles.

4Source Magazine Landelijk Wonen n°14 2012 – Photo credit Claude Smekens


1Source Pinterest


Or group your flowers.

3Source unknown


And group your vases.

14Source Southern Life Beautiful via FB


Gorgeous idea : put your candles into antique bird cages.

2Source unknown


Or place your candles here! Love this!

21Source Pinterest


Original and simple idea!

22Source Pinterest


Group your greenery.

13Source The Vintaquarian


Decorate your bird cages with ivy.

16Source Pinterest


Use wine boxes as spice plants storage.

18Source Homebunch


Having guests for a summer dinner ?

Original way to cool drinks !

15Source unknown


And gorgeous summer tablescape ideas !

19Source unknown


20Source Mark D.Sikes


I do hope you are inspired ?!

Talk to you soon !



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