Murphy Mears Architecture

Designed by Eleanor Cummings, photo, Tria Giovan, Verande

I was impressed when I saw the work of Murphy Mears Architecture.....
and when I noticed where they were located.....
Well I should of known....
and I wasn't surprised......
Where else but Houston Texas! 

Eleanor Cummings, Photo- Tria Giovan, Veranda

Every time I see work that I love...... 
 9 out of 10 times its work from designers and architects from Texas.....

Eleanor Cummings

Eleanor Cummings

This kitchen looks like the cabinets were found and saved from old buildings and creatively pieced together.

Eleanor Cummings, Photo- Tria Giovan, Veranda

Eleanor Cummings,Phot- Tria Giovan, Veranda

Eleanor Cummings, Photo- Tria Giovan

Eleanor Cummings, photo- Tria Giovan

Designed by-Eleanor Cummings, photo- Tria Giovan- picture below also

 Love this!  

Peter Vitale

I have always wanted a bay window like pretty


Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale

Adrienne Bullard, photo Paul Hester

Adrian Bullard, photo Paul Hester

Designed by Cherry Curlet, photo- Paul Hester

Designer and antique dealer Kay O'Tools home.... was also featured in Lonny Magazine this month

I love this is perfect!


I could move right into her home.

O'Tools home photo- Tria Giovon and Benjamin Hill, Veranda

  To see their work go here.
Have a great weekend...


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