The Iron Gate

The Iron Gate is a decor store in Franklin Tennessee.

 Designer Rozanne Jackson is the talented owner.

The Iron gate first started as a candle store.

 Rozanne started adding decor and furniture to it as time went by.

 Clients loved her taste and design sense and a design business was formed.

 Love when that happens....

We love her sense of balance and how she adds old objects with contemporary pieces to create elegant spaces..

   Rozanne feels that a well appointed space should not feel decorated.
 Rather, it should feel like you've already been there many times when you first walk in. 
 (taken from her bio on her web-site)


Love how she used the coral in this bookcase.

We use it all the time, its a natural piece that just adds character to any style.

One of Danni's and my favorite looks is when industrial style meets country in a kitchen .
 Digging the natural wood ceiling and the white painted wood walls. Love....
We wrote a post on this style, you can read about it here.

Love this image, simple, but elegant. 

Great idea to use a large mirror to fill a space. 

Black and white can be timeless and so sophisticated.

Love how her photographer,Chris Little captured this image.

Rozanne was born with a natural talent. Natural talent can not be taught, it is something we inherit.  There are so many talented designers with and without an education. You can be taught how to draw, measure a floor plan or how to use a computer but, you can not be taught good taste.
Rozanne also has a blog, to visit The Iron gate go here.

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