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This week I was preparing the design of an eat-in kitchen for a client, and I am thinking about painting some of the kitchen cabinets in red! Yes red!

I noticed that more and more designers are using red to paint cabinets or paneling.

These images of red painted paneling and cabinets inspired me and persuade me to give red a try in this new kitchen design.


Although this is a red painted dining room, the cabinetry inspired me to bring in red in the kitchen design.


I would love to suggest a cabinetry kitchen wall as this one here.



Here is used Farrow & Ball Rectory Red, that is echoed in the wallpaper.



Don’t you love the beautiful red painted paneling in this sitting room ?



Red painted library!



This is a kitchen design that I really love!!! All cabinets are painted red. Very inspiring!



Or this one! I love the combination of the oak kitchen isle with the red painted cabinetry!



And again, another shade of red!



This door inspired me to even paint the kitchen inner door in red! Why not?!

3Source The World of Interiors Dec 2011  Photo Credit Christopher Simon Sykes


Even if I don’t succeed to convince my client to paint the exterior of the cabinets in red, I definitely will try to give the boarded interior of the cabinetry a shade of red!

boardedBoarded insides of cabinetry


The only thing I have to decide now, is to make a choice out of the different shades of red!

Here are some of the Farrow & Ball reds I love.



It’s very interesting to know that on the Farrow & Ball website, you can find some color schemes as here for the Rectory Red paint.

Color scheme Rectory Redimage

To discover more paint colors, please visit Farrow & Ball at


Would you dare to paint your kitchen cabinetry red? Please, tell me!


Happy weekend!




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