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Because I always try to introduce the world to our Belgian artisans or craftsmen, I really have to tell you something more about a new Quality Label, founded by one of our famous Belgian craftsmen.

'Pearls of Craftsmanship' is a Quality Label that promotes craftsmanship of the highest quality and consists of carefully selected members and crafts.

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Pearls or Craftsmanship is founded by the Belgian ornamental woodcarver Patrick Damiaens. The company consists of seventeen Belgian and three Dutch craftsmen, who all wish to carry out the same high level of craftsmanship. Among them there is an arms engraver, another artisan restores paintings, and another member makes contemporary tailored suits.

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Patrick Damiaens explains : “ Since a few years I have noticed that for highly skilled craftsman, even some of them who are unique in their specific sector, it is extremely difficult to convince our society of the need for the preservation and nourishing of this artisanal part of our colorful heritage.”

With this label Patrick wants to offer an alternative for the unsatisfying standard solutions you have to settle for (sometimes for no apparent reason) in our modern day consumer society.

This site brings together extremely gifted artisans with an exceptional knowledge of their trade and with historically grown traditional crafts, neatly balanced with contemporary originality.
This is a place where the visitors are confronted with their search for a personal touch and where they have an opportunity to get acquainted with skilled experts, who have turned durability and tradition into their passion.
True pearls among the crafts that manage to stimulate and inspire through their originality and broad perspective.

'Pearls of Craftsmanship' is for those who wish to surround themselves with the highest degree of perfection and taste.

Let me introduce you to the Members of 'Pearls of Craftsmanship' !

Angel Barrero
Master of Stuc-marbre and Scagliola

barr1Website :

Aravinda Rodenburg Tailors

arra3Website :


Atelier Mestdagh
Handcrafted stained glass

mes5Website :

Atelier Tratteggio
Restoration and conservation of Art

trat2Website :

Dorothea Van De Winkel
Handwoven – Tapestry

dor1Website :


Eddie Van Hoef
Faux Finish painting Techniques

vanhoef1Website :

Els Robberechts
Hat Design

els3Website :


Furniture Upholstery

emy1Website :


Franz Iliano

franz3Website :


Gregor’s Framing
Manufacture of frames

greg5Website :


Exclusive furniture – Urushi

inta4Website :


Jean-Paul Boucquet

bouq5Website :


Kunstsmederij De Bruyn

Traditional ironwork

debr1Website :


Gilded Leather

lut1Website :


Mestrom Kroonluchters
Mestrom Kroonluchters / Chandeliers

strom1Website :


Atelier Menchior
Plaster Ornaments

mench1Website :


Patrick Damiaens
Woodcarving - Liège style Furniture

pd2Website :


Pierre Création
Canes – Diamonds

pierre4Website :

Pieter Boudens
Sculptor of letters

boud5Website :

Roland Baptiste
Master engraver

bap1Website :


In future this group will still be extended with other sectors, but the new members will have to meet the same standards to guarantee the credibility of the label.The members are selected not only for their unique craftsmanship, but also because they are unique in their sector, in their metier (whether in Belgium, Europe or even in the world) or by their long existence (already many generations).They are passionate professionals, practicing their metier full-time and are prepared to demonstrate their craft to the public by regularly taking part in events or exhibitions.


To see more about the members of Pearls of Craftsmanship, please watch this video.

Pearls of Craftsmanship members



To know more about Pearls of Craftsmanship, please visit the website at

Contact :

I do hope I have made you even more curious about our Belgian craftsmanship and I might hope that maybe one day you will appeal to the skills of these fantastic and gifted artisans.




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