Good luck to Claudia and Donnerfee !


The amazone Claudia Fassaert and her horse Donnerfee are the Belgian representatives for the Olympic Games dressage.

Tomorrow Claudia and Donnerfee have to give the best of themselves!

I am a fan of Claudia and will be watching (on tv unfortunately) the dressage event tommorow !

Claudia lives in my neighbourhood (Geraardsbergen) so we are all excited to watch the event tomorrow !

2Photo credit Melanie Brevink (source here).


Donnerfee (Donner = Thunder & Fee = Fairy) is a 12 year old Oldenburger mare. Isn’t she a beauty?!

Claudia rides Donnerfee since 8 years and has won several awards.


I so love this picture here below!  Mutual trust and respect is obvious!

1Source here.


Good luck to you both,Claudia and Donnerfee!

Go for it!



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