A Lavender Farm

So how gorgeous is this?
 Julie went to a lavender farm with close friends. 
 They had a beautiful patio where you could gather lavender and place them into bundles to take home.

The beautiful flowers were a perfect place for an artist. We both would love to bring a canvas and brushes and paint these wonderful gardens.

Its always fun to go with  close friends on a day trip.
 Don't forget lunch...
Of course, we have to eat! 
Ya know, its always about food....

There was a little cottage where they sold lotions, lovely scented candles and bath salts. They sold Jams that had lavender in them. It sounds kinda weird, but we will let you know if its good or not.

This was a charming patio where you could look out onto the garden. You felt like you were in Europe.
 Yes, this is Julie taking it all in! 

Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni

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