Designing with Nature

(Melanie Turner)

We have noticed how many designs have  natural elements in them. This floor lamp made out of drift wood brings in a wonderful detail to the design.

(Melanie Turner) 

A piece of coral added to a room adds interest.

( Melanie Turner)

A simple nest laying on a side table brings in the outdoors. A beautiful display on how nature creates an art piece.

Coastal Home

We know you have probably seen this image a hundred times, but we never get tired of it. There is something calming about how natural it looks. 

(Erin Martin, Kim Dempster)

Is it the combination of color or material that makes it feel calm and serene?

( Melanie Turner)

Wood tree logs used as nesting tables look beautiful


 (Bear Interiors, House of Turquoises)

The colors used in this design have a tranquil feeling like water.

(Apartment Therapy blog)

It makes you stop and think about how everything in nature has a purpose under heaven.

(Haus Blog)

(Steven Gambrel)

To think this was created by nature.

(Log Home Living)

Can nature create a balance in our homes? A  beautiful garden and having things around us that are created naturally help ground us?  

(Malanie Turner)

(Belgium Pearls Blog)

It is amazing how beautiful and complex nature can be.
 Did you know that a caterpillar has 248 muscles in his head. 
Think about that.... 
The telegraph plant is capable of rapid movement even in the absence of wind.
Yea we know, that was a little random, but think about it...nature is pretty amazing!

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