A French paneled bedroom


As I always love to inform you about Lefèvre Interiors projects, today I decided to post about a French paneled bedroom, Jan and me were working on the passed weeks.

Our clients asked us to think bout the redo of their bedroom and told us they loved to see the bedroom walls paneled in the French style. So I browsed into my ‘paneled bedroom’ file and came up with some images of which I hoped our client would love them.

And they did! The images represented the design style that our client had in mind!


These are some of the inspirational images I picked out to show my clients.

(I am sorry for not knowing the source.)


We decided to create a romantic and cozy French atmosphere.


We also needed to integrate 2 doors, one leading to the corridor and another one leading to a small bathroom. On the pictures of the bedroom here above you can see the way I loved to see them integrated.


Our client opted for a painted paneling as seen on the image of the bedroom here above. And they also loved to see a bed canopy.


So we started to design the lay out of the room.


Grondplan Floor-plan of the bedroom.


41And front views of the bedroom walls.


42At this moment the making of the bedroom paneling is almost finished and here above you can see the room built up at the Lefèvre Interiors workshop.

On both sides of the chimney are created wardrobes.


43Detail of a pilaster and of the door jamb.


Within a few days the paneling will be moved to our clients’ home and I am pleased to tell you that our Belgian artist-painter Angèle Boddaert was asked to paint the paneling at the client’s home!


If you missed my post about the hotel The Corenbloem in Bruges where Angèle created the most beautiful wall decorations, please click here.


Designing a room implicates a lot of other important things to discuss as the choice of the perfect matching hardware!

So we took our clients to Peter van Cronenburg, a Belgian artist in creating the most beautiful hardware!

I posted earlier about Peter van Cronenburg HERE.

30All images above are of the website of Peter van Cronenburg.


44While our clients and me tried to make our choice of all furniture hardware ‘jewelry’, Peter, his wife Régine and Jan discussed about the best doorlocks and hinges to use.

Two weeks ago Peter and Régine visited the US to connect with architects and designers and they even met our friends Brooke and Steve Giannetti, from the blog Velvet & Linen, who had visited Peter last year when they made their trip to Belgium. A couple of days ago Brooke posted about their meeting (here).


At this moment I am discussing with our lady-client all the required lighting fixtures.



We decided to wait to choose all fabrics for the window treatment, bed canopy, bed linen and wall lamp shades, in order to choose the perfect fabrics according the color of the wall paneling paint.





I do hope that at the end, our client will be pleased with the result!

When this project is finished, I promise to post you before and after pictures!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



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