Relaxing spring weekend

I hope you all have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.
Jan and me were looking forward to a calm and quiet weekend after a few very busy weeks.
Jan was working in the garden a few hours because we really had a beautiful spring weekend here in Belgium and yesterday he went with our dog Ralph for a walk in the countryside of Brakel, the village where we live.
As he hadn’t his camera with him to take pictures, I googled to find a few pictures of the countryside of Brakel.
10 Source : unknown
5The church of our village.  Source : here 
7 Source : here
3Source : here
6 Source : here
2 Source : here
11  Picture by me

While Jan was walking I went horseriding. After my fall in november last year, I ride Mango again since January. I am still very cautious and do not take much risks.
I love being with Mango to take care of her, to brush her and to treat her well. 
Foto 009
Foto 34
Foto 025 I wear a protective jacket.

Foto 013 Doesn’t Mango look wonderful and healthy at her age of 17?

Foto 001

And what about your weekend?


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