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At this time of the year, we all love to rearrange our bedroom for summer time.I certainly do! So many inspirational and gorgeous bedrooms to find on the websites of interior designers. You needn’t redo the entire bedroom, changing some decorative items as a bedlamp, a bedside tabe or new bed linen will do!

At the end of this post I share with you some of my favorite addresses for beautiful bed linen.

Here are some of my favorite bedroom images.

21Charles Spada

Love the wall decoration!


30 Cote de Texas

The embroidered cushion is an eye-cather!


34 Jane Wood

Beautiful bedside tables and chandelier. Again a colorful cushion in contrast with the white bed linen.


12 Collection Privée

Notice the bedlamp.


23 Hotel ‘t Hemelhuys Hasselt Belgium

An English mahogany table as bedside table. Gorgeous!


24 Home Interiors

A mix of pillows! And notice that Swedish chair!


36Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques

Monogrammed bedspread! And gorgeous bed head. And I love the bedlamps and the wooden stools used as side tables.


27 Fuchs Interiors 

Gorgeous bedlamps.


37Natalie Haegeman Interiors

Monogrammed bed linen. And canvas above the bed head.


26  Philipp Vogt Interiors

Love the idea of the floorlamp!


31 Ralph Lauren Home

Love everything in this room.


15 Source unknown

Less is more!


19 Magazine Maison Cosy n°4 2011

Slipcovered chair. All in white.


38Zara Home

Romantic white. Embroidered bedspread.


28 Desde My Ventana

Bedside table!!


3 Maison & Déco – Photo credit Edith Andréotta

Beautiful linen.



Grey-white tones.


5 Source unknown

Very charming.


33 Axel Pairon

I love the accent by the upholstered armchairs!


35 Architectenbureau Dugardyn

Beautiful wall paper.


22 Shabby Chic Mania

Flowers and stripes.


7 Source unknown

Toile de Jouy fabric. Always a hit for a bedroom.


2 Maison & Déco – Photo credit Christophe Ruffio

Love the idea of placing the bed in the corner and the accent given by the deorative painting.


4 Maison & Déco – Photo credit Eric d’Hérouville

A bedroom you could live in!


32 Nicky Haslam

Fabulous! Love that canopy!


20 Eclectic Revisited

Why not changing your wall light shades? Shade and canopy made of same fabric.


 17Source unknown

No words for! My favorite! I love the combination of the contemporary painting on the paneling! To die for!


25Isabeau Grey

Why not ? An architectural antique piece as bedhead.


6 Splendid Willow

Beautiful bed design!


14 Maison & Déco – Photo credit Didier Delmas

The chandeliers!!!


10  VT Interiors

Dare to bring in color in your bedroom.


As I did. The last 2 pictures here below are from my own bedroom. I painted the walls in a tone of orange .

The inspirational image was this bedroom of Axel Vervoordt.

Foto 799 (Boek AV Tijdloze interieurs)Inspirational image for my bedroom.  Source : Axel Vervoordt ‘Timeless Interiors’

When I wake up, the atmosphere the bedroom is given by this color, brings me in a bright and sunny mood! I always feel ready to challenge the day!

In the morning, at noon, in the evening…the bedroom never has the same look. A different atmosphere at almost every other hour of the day!

1 My bedroom. Lefèvre Interiors – Photo credit Montse Garriga

2012-03-28_145417 My bedroom. Lefèvre Interiors – Photo credit Montse Garriga

For the bed linen I have chosen for the monogrammed bespread and cushions by Natalie Haegeman.

You can order the bed linen on Natalie’s webshop here.

DSCF9777__83472_zoomMonogrammed bedspread Natalie Haegeman

DSCF9793__28454_zoomMonogrammed cushions Natalie Haegeman


And finally some of my favorite addresses for beautiful bed linen :

Beadboard UpCountryBeadboardUpCountry1

Bella Notte LinensBN1



Home InteriorsHome Interiors 

Libeco LinenLibeco1

Natalie Haegeman InteriorsNH1

Ralph Lauren HomeRL1

Zara HomeZara1

I do hope I inspired you today!



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