New finds

Some beautiful new finds to share with you this weekend.

All of them caught my eye.


2012-02-18_121244Tree trunk barrel   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_121831French glasswork   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_120841 Grouped as here.   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_121632  Antique wooden bowl   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_122333  Placed on a antique table.   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_121414Mountain chairs  AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_121208Placed around that beautiful antique table.    AM PROJECTS


24 How cute is this wooden chair?   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_121309Candlestick.  What a gorgeous idea!   AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_121505Antique stool  AM PROJECTS


2012-02-18_120542I love the presence of wooden stools in a home.  AM PROJECTS


To find out more about all the above finds, please visit AM PROJECTS.



DSCF1591__08910_zoomFloorlamp with stool  NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS 


DSCF9259__34994_zoomSeat club Marie   NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS


DSCF1131__84386_zoomChaise longue   NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS


DSCF1128__18792_zoomDetail of the chaise longue. I love this fabric  NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS


DSCF9636__66884_zoomSpanish oak table  NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS


DSCF1607__81364_zoomTable lamp with handmade shade Lili      NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS


To order these finds, please visit the online webstore of Natalie Haegeman at NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS



feb jamtland  Rococo Jämtland cabinet ca 1760 SWEDISH ANTIQUES


feb roc high secr openRococo secretaire ca 1770  SWEDISH ANTIQUES


desk chairRococo desk/corner chair ca 1770  SWEDISH ANTIQUES


For more information about the above finds, please visit SWEDISH ANTIQUES.


Talk to you soon. Happy weekend!



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