My book give-away winner and dreaming of summer.


I am very pleased to announce you the winner of my Beta-Plus book give-away!

Congratulations to Cindy of the blog Oakview Cottage!!

I will send Cindy a copy of her favorite new Beta-Plus publication Exclusive Country Houses.

Book give away

Thank you to all of you who signed in for this book give-away!


As the first month of this new year has almost ended, these images of beautiful conservatories and outbuildings make me dreaming of summertime already.I can’t wait to notice the first signs of springtime. Don’t you?


8Source : Desde My Ventana


9 Source : Bijsterveld


10 Source : Eclectic Revisited


3 Source : Mark D. Sikes


7 Source : House & Home


1 Source : unknown


6 Source : Marie Claire Maison


5 Source : Marie Claire Maison


2 Source : Shabby Chic Mania via FB


4  Luc D’Hulst (source here)

I would love to recommend you a wonderful book about conservatories & orangeries of Luc D’Hulst. This Belgian architect designs exclusive orangeries, greenhouses and winter gardens worldwide.

This book is a must have for greenhouse, orangery and winter garden lovers.

DHULST_coverConservatories & Orangeries, The Wonderful Creations of Luc D’Hulst  Ivo Pauwels, Hans Fonk


Talk to you soon!



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