Christmas decor at our house...

We finally have pictures to show you. Julie's home decorated for Christmas.

With so much going on we both have been scrambling to get everything done. Danni just got back from visiting her son in Europe. There will be pictures soon from her trip we promise. Julie is planning her daughter's wedding that is in January.  (It is hard talking for two people!) We both actually do write this blog. Julie starts it and Danni finishes it.

We work well this way. We complement each other. We are both blondes and tease each other that it takes two of us to accomplish the things that we do.  We are joking, Really Really!
The bowl is from A Beautiful Mess in Agoura California.

Antique opera glasses and an antique music book.

One of the music pieces framed.

 Even though we are busy working, playing and spending time with family, it is a time to reflect on what is important.  It is time to celebrate a life...Merry Christmas...

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