Art I love


Paintings by the American artist RICHARD SERRA and the European artist JEAN-MARC LOUIS, are works or art I love.


1Painting by Richard Serra  Source : Nuevo Estilo 


5Painting by Richard Serra  Source AD  Photo credit Durston Saylor


6Painting by Richard Serra  Source AD  Photo credit Scott Frances


2Painting by Jean-Marc Louis in my living room   Photo credit Claude Smekens fotografie


3 Painting by Jean-Marc Louis in my living room    Photo credit Wim Pauwels for Beta-Plus Publishing


4 Source The Secret Shop by Michel Lambrecht Antiques


If you are interested in the works of art by Jean-Marc Louis, please watch this video or visit The Secret Shop by the Belgian antiques dealer Michel Lambrecht. You can walk through the different rooms of the shop and discover lots of paitings by Jean-Marc Louis. It’s worth a visit!!

Secret Shop. To enter click on image.2011-12-08_145704

Video of paintings by Jean-Marc Louis available at Michel Lambrecht Antiques.Click on image.2011-12-08_141225

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