Please open that door, I would love to come in…


Whenever I see a door half opened or I can take a glimpse through a glazed door, my eyes are always focused on what’s behind.

“Secret” doors are the worst!  My curiosity is completely sparked! I can’t help!

Do you recognize this?

Test yourself by looking at those images!

2 Lefèvre Interiors


4 Axel Vervoordt


7Here you have a “secret” door.  Source Pinterest


8 Château de Moissac


Hal 128 (chateau de mossaic) Château de Moissac


12 Source Boxwood Terrace


13 Source unknown


11Again a “secret” door.  Juan Pablo Molyneux via New York Social Diary


3 Source unknown


1 Lefèvre Interiors


5 Source Love Your Homes


6And another “secret” door.  Source Simply Seleta


14Source unknown


9 Gregory Mellor


10Shabby Chic Mania via Facebook




Talk to you soon!



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