Patina Design

When we saw these pictures we fell in love with the look of the patina style.
 The old worn wood and stone walls are part of the charm.
 We wish we could own 4 homes and decorate each one in a different style. 
 One would be designed in a Patina style.  It is one of our favorites.
( Antique Shop and Designer magazine)


Beautiful patina blue shutters with a hanging tapestry. 
 It feels like a European chateau.
(Westbrook interiors)

 Notice as your eye looks around the room, you always seem to be brought back into the center of it. 
The wood beams and dark brown table create balance and ground the room.
(Westbrook interiors)

Designer Pam Pierce

Adore the soft blue grey patina armorie  in the back ground. 
The light blue color adds a soft element into the space. 
The chandelier adds some sparkle.
( Antique Shop ans Designer magazine)

The soft creamy white woods in this dining room create a perfect ambiance for a lovely dinner party 

 The larger check fabric on the chairs and the smaller check on the backs of the chairs catches the eye. 
 Notice the hints of blue in the rug and the painting. Pretty, huh?
(designed byJulia Blailock)

The walls are a soft blue color. 
We almost missed that! 
The furniture is the color of driftwood.
 The pillows bring a hint of a golden sunset. 
This room is quite beautiful.
(Designed by Julia Blailock )


  We love the old barn style architecture and the elegant french feel. 
 Look how the designer added the sophisticated ottoman coffee table. 
 Did you notice the baskets on the walls in the kitchen? 
 In the early 80s when we were broke and young, we would use baskets to decorate the walls.  
It was a cheap way to give our homes a designer look!
 At least we thought so. 
 Maybe if they were antique french baskets it would have looked great, like the ones on the walls of  this grand and magnificent room.  
Have you seen a come back of baskets hanging  on walls?  
We were just wondering what you thought about that look!
(Susanne Diun designs)

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