Malibu Colony Company

If any of you have visited Malibu California, you would know, that it is home to many stars. You never know when your going to see someone famous.

We stopped by a cute store called Malibu Colony to get some ideas for clients. Isn't this a clever idea? The Malibu Colony has trendy, beachy things that are unique and fun.

Wouldn't this be perfect for a beach house?

We love this table.

We love this chair with a natural linen fabric.

A pop of orange. Yes!

What a fun side table! Love the little bit of color.

They had some fun shell chandeliers. Did you notice the shells are shaped like butterflies?

There is  that side table again. It looks great with that wire lamp.

Have you noticed that all the colors are muted. Mostly black, white and cream with a little silver. 

.Look who is in the mirror?

We loved these pillows.

 Are you noticing something here? 


A little bit of brass!  Get used to it, its coming back.

Have you noticed from our Windsor post, Danni keeps getting caught in mirrors! May be we should save them and do a post on Danni in mirrors... What do you think?

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