Girandoles and my friend’s new webshop


Now that Christmas time is coming our way,  it's always nice to illuminate your home with beautiful lighting.

At this moment I am thinking about which lighting to use as Christmas decoration.

I came across some beautiful images of girandoles.

002Source unknown

A ‘girandole’ (French) is an ornamental branched candlestick often composed of several lights. Girandoles came into use in the second half of the 17th century, and ware commonly made and used in pairs. A girandole has always been a luxurious appliance for lighting and in the 18th century, the French ciseleurs designed the most beautiful examples.Girandoles can be made of metals or wood. For table use is silver the favorite material.

011Image source : Richard Goullet Décoration

012 Image source : Linda Chase Associates

009 Image source : Augustus Brandt Antiques 

005  Image source : Alhambra Antiques

14Image source : Laurence Helmer et Maison James via Proantic

To my opinion a girandole is one of the most appropriate types of Christmas lighting. Don’t you agree?


Talking about lighting, I would love to introduce you today to the brand new webshop of my friend Natalie Haegeman of Natalie Haegeman Interiors.

2011-11-21_130232Image source : Natalie Haegeman Interiors

Most of you do know yet that Natalie is a Belgian interior designer and that besides her job as interior designer, Natalie is specialized in custommade and handmade lampshades, using the finest fabrics.

By reading my earlier posts about Natalie’s work here and here, a lot of my readers asked me where to find these kind of lamps and lampshades in their neighborhoods.  I knew that Natalie was working hard on a webshop, intending to offer her creations online.

I am very pleased to announce you that Natalie’s webstore is finally online now!!!

Beside lamps and lampshades, you will even find beautiful ideas for all of your Christmas gifts!


Click on the image below to enter Natalie’s online store.NH logo

A sneak peak of Natalie’s online store. Mosaic NHAll items shown in this mosaic are available at


You will always find back the link to Natalie’s online store at the side bar of my blog :


So you would do me a favor to visit Natalie’s online store and to come back to tell me your thoughts about it! 

And if you are asking me if my blog is sponsored by any of the mentionned companies on my blog : NO!!

I do not have the intention to make of my blog a sponsored blog, a blog that is not really mine! I do prefer being free to post about or to mention people who are, in my opininon, worth talking about.

I wish my friend Natalie lots of success with her brand new online store and I wish everyone of you a nice start of this new week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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