Decor with A Mix of New and Old, with a little blue.

We love a mix of old and new. We feel it creates interest in any room and style.  For us, there is a comfort to this style. My daughter is getting married in January.  As she is getting ready for a new season in her life, so am I.  Looking throughout my home and remembering the things that were passed down from generation to generation.  My grandmothers china, silver, and the old furs that are in the closet.  As we reflect back on the seasons in our life, the most important thing to us is our love of family and friends.

This dinning room has a flare of old and new.
Its white washed brick gives the room character. The chandelier is contemporary with a hint of tradition. 

As my daughter is entering this new season, leaving behind an old life and embarking on her new future, families will be blending together and new traditions will be created.

A romantic chandelier with a touch of blue. The bride wears a touch of blue to represent fidelity and loyalty.

Something new represents their hope for the future.

As the new couple collects treasures to build their new life, they will discover their own style....  a collection of new and old traditions.

New, old, something blue and something borrowed. There is something comforting about tradition. Danni and I have many traditions that we have passed down to our children.  Is there a tradition that your family has passed down that you hold close to your heart?  Or is there a new tradition that you will pass down to your children?  We would love to hear about them.

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Check out Mona and her sisters blog, Providence ltd Design. They just recently finished designing a home. The dinning room eating areas we featured above. They are also featured in .At Home Arkansas. Congratulations girls...

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