Visiting antiques fairs, antiques dealers or interior design stores, sometimes it happens that you are so enchanted by a wonderful piece of decoration, as a vase, a plate, a candlestick, a silver object,…that you discovered between all those gorgeous items. You fell in love with it and this beauty seems so precious to you,that you promptly take it home!

You can’t wait to give it the appropriate place you had in mind! But suddenly this beautiful item doesn’t ‘speak’ anymore, it ‘says’ nothing at all!!!

It is awaiting entourage, to be embraced by other objects.

Do you recognize this?!

Sometimes we need a little help, a little inspiration to give the new object the attention it deserves.

That is why I love to file images of beautiful compositions. Whenever I come home with a new acquired object I love to browse into this file. It really helps me to create the most wonderful still .

Some of my filed images here could maybe even help you whenever you are searching for the best entourage of your new acquired thing of beauty.


A combination of glass and silver with a wonderful tapestry as background here.

6source Bie Baert Antiques & Decorations  Antwerp Belgium


Combination of wooden objects.

5source  Bie Baert Antiques & Decorations  Antwerp Belgium


Love this still life a lot. As a 17th century painted still!!

4source Bie Baert Antiques & Decorations  Antwerp Belgium


Combination of books and wooden objects. Always wonderful.

3source Bie Baert Antiques & Decorations  Antwerp Belgium


Do you know Sabine of the Home Interior and Lifestyle blog? You don’t? Time to bring her a visit here. She is a very talented Belgian designer and blogger!

12source Home Interior and Lifestyle blog    Home World of Interiors  St- Niklaas Belgium


A beautiful still by one of my favorite Belgian designers Walda Pairon.

20Walda Pairon  Kalmthout Belgium  photo by me

I just love the way Walda is combining antique silver- and glassware.

19 Walda Pairon  Kalmthout Belgium  photo by me

17 Walda Pairon  Kalmthout Belgium source unknown


Gorgeous fall-still of my friend Natalie of Natalie Haegeman Interiors.

I definitely will try to create a look a like at my home one of these daysl

2 Natalie Haegeman Interiors  Brasschaat Belgium


I might think that a lot of my readers will have discovered the website of the Belgian antiques dealers Brigitte & Alain Garnier. At their website you will not only discover a wide range of gorgeous antiques they are offering but even beautiful stills of antique items. Brigitte is also a master in creating the most wonderful compositions! Take a look at the Garnier website.

A sneak peak of Brigitte’s creations here.

8 Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques  Bruges Belgium

7 Brigitte & Alain Garnier Antiques  Bruges Belgium


A collection of ceramic pots at AM PROJECTS.

21 AM Projects  Puurs Belgium


This amazing image I found at the beautiful Swedish blog Mäster Henriks !

13Swedish Blog Mäster Henriks Antik & Musik


My blogfriend Jermaine of the blog French Kissed is a very talented stylist and photographer and know how to compose wonderful stills!

Her blog is a real source of inspiration to me!

25source Blog French Kissed


And last but not least, I highly recommend the gorgeous book ‘Patina Style’ written by my friend Brooke and her husband Steve Giannetti, of the blog Velvet & Linen.

Since Brooke offered me this book while visiting us a few months ago, it is on my coffee table! It is a wonderful source of inspiration and ables you to redesign your home with wonderful furniture and decorative items! For those who want to order a copy, click on the cover of the book. You will be inspired!

2011-11-11_140537Cover Patina Style  Brooke & Steve Giannetti


2011-11-11_140401Images book “Patina Style’  Blog Velvet & Linen


And finally a few of my own creations at home.

24Compositions by me


I do hope I inspired you today!!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!



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