A Blue Room- Are you True blue?

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. 
It is often associated with depth and stability. 
Like the air we breath!

(Designed by  S.R. Gamble)

It is also associated with healing, tranquility,understanding and softness. 
 It releases calming chemicals in the body and soothes nightmares.
 Perfect for a goodnight sleep!

(Source unknown)

In some cultures it wards off evil spirits...
 kind of interesting huh?


Blue paper can help you remember information. Boy, we need that!
 It has a cool vibration that helps with communication and helps you relax.

(James Howard)


 Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. 
Like a close friend.

(Dan Carither)

Blue also symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth. Are you true blue?
 If not, what is your favorite color? 

(Buckingham Design)

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