We recieved the Versatile blogger Award...and Designer Tammy Connorid.

All designs displayed are from the talented Designer, Tammy Connorid.
  Her work is beautiful and she is very talented.

Thank you Wendy, from Classic Chic Home for giving us this award. We are so grateful to you!
Wendy, is a very talented writer.  Her blog is on interiors and design. Please check it out.

     Thank the person who gave you the award, and include a link to their blog.
        Select and link to 15 blogs that you love to follow for the award to go to next.
Share 7 things about yourself.

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      Here are some things you might not of known about Julie and Danni

      Oh dear, 7 things about us!
      There are two of us!
      Danni and I have been friends since we were in college.
      We have never had a fight or have argued about anything. We are the dearest of friends and can say we are sisters. Someone forgot to tell our mothers that there was a mix up! No, we are not telling how old we are.

      We both have 3 children. Danni has two daughters and a son.
      Julie has two sons and a daughter.
      We are both artists and have sold our paintings. We will show you them one day.
      Danni paints beautiful landscapes and flowers. She also teaches art in her home. Julie paints people and flowers.

      We are both married to artistic husbands.
        Danni's husband is a writer and a director. He is most famous for producing and writing on the show
      " Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Danni has read many scripts and has helped to edit them.
      Julies hubby is the photographer we posted about his studio.
      She also paints his portraits.

      Julie, loves to cook and gets together with a friend( April) once a month and they try new recipes.
      Her fave thing to do. Julia, eat your heart out!
      She is a fabric whore, that's what her mother calls her.
        She has 2 dark Chocolate Reeeses every morning with her coffee.

      Danni, loves to knit and makes awesome sweaters.
      She also loves to garden. Her garden is amazing.
      She also is going to Europe to visit her son who is there going to college.
      Poor Danni, has to go all the way to Rome to see her son. Don't you feel sorry for her!

      We would like to thank all of you in blog land for welcoming us and leaving such wonderful comments.
      Again, we thank you Wendy, from Classic chic home  Blog.

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