Coastel Homes, California designers.....Gone Surfin!

"If everyone had an ocean.... across the USA..... Then everybody would be surf-in like Califor-i-a "...  Do you remember that famous song by the beach boys? They wrote songs about dreaming, surfing and girls.
(Tim Clarke )

  Southern California has a unique laid back style. Where the ocean and the sand are part of the decor.
(Barbara Grushow)

We love how Kristen Panitch mixes colors.  As though she was painting with oils, mixing the brush strokes to create this casual, lay- ed back feel. It has the colors of an ocean, at sunset!  


This home that Chris Barrett designed, opens up right on the sand with a view of the ocean. Like the song goes-...." You'd see em wearing their baggies.... Huarache sandles too..... A bushy bushy blond hairdo."

Kristen Panitch design

Chris Barrett

A casual, but sophisticated decor
Tim Clarke

  David Phoenix, uses whites and light blue to create successfully, a feeling that there are no boundaries between the ocean and the house. It blends right in.
   When you see this view, you wish you did surf!  Shoot! Can we move in! 

This dinning room looks  bohemian , casual , yet has a traditional style. Does this decor look like it would be in California?
Kristen Panitch

"Everybody's gone surfing.... Surfing USA"
(Barbara Grushow)

Barbara Grushow

Chris Barrett

I know it is winter, but in southern California the laid back style says......"Everyone has gone surfing....  Surfing USA"... We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our So. California designers.
(Tim Clarke)

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