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My dearest friends, as you might guess, our holidays are over! Back to work again! I didn’t read or commented many blogs the passed weeks. but I am back now!

I am working on a few projects and I am always searching for images which are inspirational to start sketching the future projects.

Certainly this first week after holidays I could use some help to be back in the running. And the internet is the most wonderful resource for inspiration,isn’t it?

One of the projects I am working on is preparing a design for a living room in a Flemish cottage with English design styled influences.

So nothing better than googling ‘English country homes’.

I came across some beautiful houses and in particular gorgeous antique wood paneling. Although our company is making new constructed paneling, the antique woodpaneling is always the best inspiration source for examples of construction, wood staining and mouldings.

I would love to show you some of my finds. I really love the look of these well-worn interiors.


07Beautiful stained and aged paneling and gorgeous shaped cabinet shelving.


02 Love the chinmney and the window shutters.


04 I couldn’t resist to post this beautiful image! Charming not !!??


03A view towards that beautiful chimney.


01 Awesome!


06Even the cat seems to feel comforatble in these well-worn interiors.


08 Different colors of wood staining. Perfect match!


11 Painted paneling.

 13 Very simple panel mouldings.


12Different shades of only one paint color.


2 Beamed ceilings to be discovered in a lot of English country houses.


6 Oh so beautiful !




15 Well-worn!



All above images source : jjlocations


My close and very sweet friend Glenda Steel, author of the gorgeous English blog THE PAPER MULBERRY , is living in the English countryside (South East Lincolnshire) in an English country home herself!

I am a big fan of Glenda’s blog!!

If you do not know Glenda’s blog yet, you really should start to know it right now by clicking HERE !!!

Here are some pictures of Glenda’s charming country house!

thepapermulberryhome7 House of Glenda Steel, author of the blog The Paper Mulberry

Do you notice the beamed ceiling?


thepapermulberryhome17 House of Glenda Steel, author of the blog The Paper Mulberry

I am definitely right! Cats love to live in these warm and charming country homes.


thepapermulberryhome8 House of Glenda Steel, author of the blog The Paper Mulberry

And of course not to miss! The English AGA stove!


thepapermulberryhome11House of Glenda Steel, author of the blog The Paper Mulberry

Glenda’s beautiful kitchen cabinet.


thepapermulberryhome22  House of Glenda Steel, author of the blog The Paper Mulberry

Catflap in the back door!


To see more of Glenda’s home, click HERE .


Finally some pictures of earlier Lefèvre Interior projects.

Lefèvre Interiors 4  Lefèvre Interiors

Paneling and chimney piece in cherry wood.


Lefèvre Interiors 2  Lefèvre Interiors

Oak paneling in a Belgian farm house.

Lefèvre Interiors 3  Lefèvre Interiors


Lefèvre Interiors 1 Lefèvre Interiors

This is a painted paneling in the same farm house, on the back of the oak paneled wall, with a see-through fireplace.


I do hope you all enjoyed this first-post-after-holidays !




Images : jjlocations; The Paper Mulberry; Lefèvre Interiors

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