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If you ever visit Belgium you definitely have to visit the shop of Natalie Haegeman. Natalie is a talented Antwerp based designer.

Last year I already posted about Natalie’s work here. In this post I told you that Natalie has a perfect eye to combine old and new objects and furniture. And she knows how to choose the perfect fabrics for seat upholstery and window treatment.

Natalie is even specialized in making lampshades! She offers a wide range of the most beautiful and custom-made shades.They are all hand- made and her clients can choose between lots of different fabrics of Natalie’s exquisite fabric collection.

A few weeks ago, Natalie had her Open Doors ( So sad I couldn’t be there!) and she sent me some of the picures of the event. I was so excited about them that I asked Natalie if I could share some of these with you, my readers. Fortunately she agreed! Thank you so much Natalie!


60Use of subdued colors in Natalie’s bedroom. Beautiful gathered lampshade! And notice that gorgeous roman window shade!


31 Beautiful marble floortiles perfectly matching the blue-grey tones of the painted stairway railing.


38Again a beautiful gathered lampshade. A group of ancient terracotta pots and an 18th century carved wooden panel hanging on the wall.


6The only 4 left of a serie of old 18th century prints of birds Natalie once found at a Parisian flea market.


3 A beautiful still at Natalie’s living room. On the window tablet a serie of works of art of the French artist Jean-Marc Louis.


25 A beautiful fabric fragment on a frame as a decorative element. The fabric is of the collection of Chelsea Textiles,a company which is known for her beautiful embroidered fabrics with flowers and birds and of which a lot are seen in English hotels.


55 Fabulous linen fabrics for cushions and seat upholstery as this one here of GP&J Baker.


47 Definitely one of my favorites! Cushions in a Mark Alexander fabric.


54Natalie’s bedroom.  Elegant embroidered ML Fabrics bedlinen and again the Chelsea Textiles fabric fragment on the wall.


34 Beautiful bench at the entrance hall with cushions in an old linen striped fabric. The small cabinet is made of an antique clock! So charming!


62Again one of Natalie’s hand-made lampshades. Did you notice the book ‘The Private House’ by Rose Tarlow on this table?!


10Beautiful displayed decorative accessories in Natalie’s antique cabinet.


8 Nathalie removed the doors of the upper part of this antique cabinet and painted the inside in a blue-gray color. Natalie loves all things white and clear in summer.


41The dining area next to the kitchen. Beautiful French pine dining table with a pendant fabric shade above the table.


45 And isn’t this a most gorgeous kitchen?! Natalie has chosen for old terra cotta floor tiles. The fabric under the sink area and the one used for the shades of the wall sconces is of C&C Milano, Natalie’s favorite collection of linen.


46 Natalie sitting at her dining table, pricing all the articles for the Open Door Event.

The combination of that bench and the Swedish chairs around the table is just gorgeous! Notice the plate rack with the green English plates! And what a wonderful fabrics Natalie has chosen for the roman shade (C&C Milano), the pedant (Mark Alexander) and the bench (antique linen).


You are so talented Natalie!! I just love your work!



For any further information, please visit the website of Natalie by clicking on the NH logo. Or contact Natalie at, I am sure she will love to help you!

Logo NH


Natalie told me that she is working hard on her new website and she assures us that it will be gorgeous!

I am looking forward to the launch of it!

New Website

What do you think? Shouldn’t Natalie start her own shop on-line? Please tell me about your thoughts!



All images with permission of Natalie Haegeman

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